Orthodontics FAQ

If you have questions, we have answers! We believe patient education is key to creating beautiful, handmade smiles.

Check out our orthodontic FAQs and if you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing from you!

Not at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics! We provide different types of braces, including advanced Damon Ultima™ self-ligating braces and Invisalign® clear aligners. You get to choose which orthodontic treatment suits your lifestyle best.

The AAO advises that children receive their first orthodontic screening by age 7. Early screenings are crucial for detecting problematic orthodontic conditions before they progress. 

Through early detection and early intervention of orthodontic problems, we can effectively minimize the need for future treatment. Conditions that are left untreated can be more challenging to correct in the adult years and may require a more complex treatment, like corrective jaw surgery. 

Early orthodontic screenings enable us to intervene with problematic conditions and take the necessary steps to establish a healthy foundation for a beautiful set of permanent teeth to grow. 

The cost of treatment will depend on the length of your treatment period and the type of treatment chosen.

We’re proud to offer modern braces options and personalized treatment plans at an affordable price. Our team will work with you to create a custom financial plan that makes you happy.

We also offer discounts and accept almost most insurance plans to help you manage the cost of braces. We don’t want finances to stand in the way of a life-changing experience.

Just like the cost of braces, the cost of Invisalign will be based on the custom financial plan that we create at your first visit

Yes! Dental cleanings are still extremely important. We want to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy throughout treatment. Visit your dentist for professional cleanings every 6 months or however often your dentist advises.

Dr. Andrews is happy to coordinate with your dentist on any needs throughout your treatment as well.

No matter your age, the answer is no. You’re never too old to start living your most confident life. Ready to find your confidence at 82 years young? We’re all in!

This is why we perform a complimentary exam. During your orthodontic exam with Dr. Andrews, we’ll thoroughly assess your condition (including complimentary X-rays and diagnostic photos) and discuss any orthodontic-related symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Through this assessment, we can determine whether you need orthodontic treatment.

In the meanwhile, here are some signs you can look out for to determine whether you need treatment:

  • You have crowding or spacing

  • You’re not confident in your smile

  • You have difficulty breathing, or you mouth-breathe often

  • You have difficulty sleeping

  • You feel pain when opening or closing your mouth

  • Your jaw pops or clicks when opening your mouth

  • Your teeth overlap

  • Your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth

  • Your bottom teeth overlap your top teeth

  • You experience persistent soreness in your teeth or gums