November 6, 2023

What’s included in my orthodontic treatment plan?

If you’re still debating whether you should schedule your first visit and begin orthodontic treatment, this one’s for you!

We understand that you may want to gather all of the information you can ahead of time in order for you to feel comfortable starting treatment. That’s what our website is for! Use Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics’ site as your one-stop solution for all things orthodontics.

In this guide, you’ll find out:

  • What’s included in your first visit
  • What’s included in your personalized treatment plan
  • How to prepare for your first visit
  • How long your first visit will take

Let’s dive in!

What’s included in your first visit?

When you visit us for the first time, you’ll be able to meet our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Andrews.

You’ll also meet our friendly team and get a feel for our practice. We pride ourselves on having a family-friendly and inviting atmosphere in our Augusta and Grovetown orthodontist offices.

1. Comprehensive exam

We’ll start by taking some digital x-rays and diagnostic photos of your teeth and bite, using the advanced iTero® digital impression system. This technology creates a 3D digital model of your teeth, which your experienced orthodontist will use to get the full picture of your smile. Not only that, but with our Outcome Simulator technology we can also show you what your new smile will look – before you even begin treatment!

Your orthodontist will perform a physical exam and use the x-ray images and photos to identify any orthodontic problems that may be present. This exam gives Dr. Andrews the information he needs to create your personalized treatment plan and pave the path to your beautiful new smile.

2. One-on-one consultation with a 5-star orthodontist

Once we have the information we need about your smile, you’ll get a one-on-one consultation with your orthodontist. Dr. Andrews will explain your current smile condition, discuss your goals with orthodontic treatment, and present our treatment options.

At Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics, we provide the exceptional quality of care that you and your family deserve. We provide modern treatment options to suit your style! You’ll be able to choose from Invisalign® clear aligners and Damon Ultima™ advanced self-ligating braces.

3. Personalized treatment plan

Your personalized treatment plan is included in your initial exam and consultation. Dr. Andrews will develop a custom treatment plan that guides your teeth and jaw bones into alignment.

Your treatment plan will include:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Your treatment options
  • Photos taken of your current smile
  • Simulated photos of your potential new smile produced by the iTero device
  • Your expected treatment time
  • Your treatment costs
  • Your financing options

In the case of early orthodontic exams for our youngest patients, Dr. Andrews will also address whether it’s the right time to begin correcting your child’s smile and bite. Although most children are ready to begin orthodontic treatment at age 7 (if treatment is necessary), each child is unique and may need more time for their smile to mature for optimal treatment.

How long will my orthodontic exam take?

Your orthodontic exam will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. This visit gives us insight into your orthodontic health, allows us to discuss your smile goals, develop your personalized treatment plan and guide you to begin treatment with braces or clear aligners.

Dr. Andrews and our experienced team welcome any questions or concerns you may have about your orthodontic conditions, our technologies, or the treatment options available to you. We make the time to answer all your questions – because knowledge is power and your comfort is our goal. So please, don’t hold back on questions when you visit us!

What can I do to prepare for my orthodontic exam?

We love that you’re thinking ahead! Being prepared for your first visit ensures that we take as little of your time as possible.

Before showing up, you can fill out your New Patient Forms online! If you prefer to fill them out in person, you can do that too. Whatever works best for you, we’re here to accommodate you.

When you come in for your initial exam, make sure you have a valid ID (such as a Driver’s License or military ID), your current dental insurance information, your preferred payment method (bank account numbers or debit/credit card) and a list of questions you may have.

Is my first visit really complimentary?

At Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics it is! Your initial consultation and orthodontic exam are completely complimentary. There’s no obligation to begin treatment after your exam either.

We want you to be excited and comfortable with your decision to say “Yes” to starting treatment and beginning the journey to your beautiful new smile.

Schedule your complimentary consultation with us!

If you have more questions about your orthodontic treatment plan or first visit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our team is here to guide you through the process, from your first visit to your last.

Looking for a top orthodontist in Augusta or Grovetown, GA? Request your complimentary consultation with us today!